Zip Zap - Language animations workshop - Meetingpoint Music Messiaen e.V.
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Zip Zap – Language animations workshop

Zip Zap – Language animations workshop

Zip Zap - Language animations workshop

At Friday, October 19th a language animation workshop is going to take place in Görlitz. The participants are going to have a chance to learn creative methods to introduce foreign languages to students or international groups they work with. Main themes are easing intercultural dialog and overcoming language barriers. Our goal is to prepare every participant to transfer the workshops’ contents and activities to their own work.

The language animation is a way to learn to communicate, as freely as possible, with just basic knowledge. Our experienced trainers are going to show practical manners they use in their everyday work. Including games and fun, because learning with minimum effort and maximum amusement is what it’s really is all about.

The workshop is for German or Polish speakers only. If you’re interested you can sign up using Polish questionnaire or German questionnaire.

The event is going to take place at koLABORacja at Hospitalstraße 29. Starts at 10:00 and ends about 17:00. Cost – 10 €.


 Zip-Zap – Language animations workshop 19.10.2018 Schedule